World War Z 2 2017

Original Title: World War Z 2

Country: USA

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Genres: , ,

Creators: Max Brooks, Dennis Kelly, Steven Knight

Directors: David Fincher

Cast: ,

Language: English


World War Z 2 is an action science fiction apocalyptic thriller movie that would be the second film in a three-part franchise. The whole story is based on the novel-bestseller of Max Brooks. As creators state, the continuation of the film is not properly going to be from the place first part was ended. But it is still a post-apocalyptic movie with the same main character Gerry Lane. He continues to battle with zombie hoards trying to kill a disease that create a zombie. He is obliged to find out how to throw off an incurable virus Solanum. Is the lead character able to manage this situation alone or he needs some team to help him?

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