The Lovers and the Despot 2016

The Lovers and the Despot 2016 film poster
IMDb rating6,5/1057 votes

Original Title: The Lovers and the Despot

Country: UK

Release Date: September 23, 2016

Genres: ,

Creators: Ross Adam, Robert Cannan

Directors: Ross Adam, Robert Cannan

Cast: ,

Awards: 5 nominations.

Language: Korean, Japanese, English

Runtime: 98 min


Documentary thriller The Lovers and the Despot bases to one of the most bizarre stories that ever happened in the world of cinema.
The Lovers and the Despot is a story of abduction of South Korean actress Choi Eun-hee and her husband, the director Shin Sang-ok in 1978. They were the “golden” movie couple of nation in South Korea. The son of the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Il, then himself “great leader”, loved the movie very much. That’s why he ordered to kidnap them to his cinematographic whims. The plot of film The Lovers and the Despot revolves around those events when the filmmakers have worked in prison. They work with moral pressure, but of course, with the financial scope. It was quite curious. Audio tapes with secret recorded fragments of talks movie couple and Kim Jong-Il was preserved. In addition, this material formed the basis of a phenomenal film-drama The Lovers and the Despot.

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