The Devil’s Candy 2015

The Devil's Candy 2015 film poster
IMDb rating6,7/10520 votes

Original Title: The Devil's Candy

Country: USA

Release Date: March 17, 2017


Creators: Sean Byrne

Directors: Sean Byrne

Cast: , , , , , , ,

Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination.

MPAA Rating: 18+

Language: English

Runtime: 90 min

Quality: ,

Sean Byrne masterful plays genres and does not allow the viewer to understand for sure until the very end what kind of film he looks. That is to say, The Devil’s Candy is a slasher, thriller in the style of “invasion”, the story of a maniac or a satanic experience of demonic possession. Decoupling will delight even the most sophisticated fans of the horror film genre, because The Devil’s Candy is a delicious gourmet meal.
Jesse Hellman is not the most successful painter in the world. He desperately fights for professional recognition and happiness of his family. Life makes it possible to move his family out of the wreck to a dream house in the province of Texas. However, the idyll did not last long. Gloomy thoughts obsess the main hero of the horror The Devil’s Candy. A hefty mentally ill guy appears on the threshold of Hellman family. He is huge and dangerous. In addition, then there is heat, panic, sinister spirits living under the roof of the rural house. All these linked to one detonating, explosive unit. Moreover, the first blood will spilled soon.
Here he experiences unprecedented inspiration, bordering on obsession. However, his new paintings are eerie and frightening. They open a portal to evil, which penetrates into the world in different essences and steals the children. Because Children – the most coveted Devil’s Candy. His daughter Zooey Hellman becomes another darling of otherworldly creature…

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