The Assignment 2017

Original Title: The Assignment

Country: USA, France, Canada

Release Date: April 7, 2017

Genres: , ,

Creators: Denis Hamill, Denis Hamill

Directors: Walter Hill

Cast: , , , , , ,

Awards: 1 win.

MPAA Rating: R

Language: English

Runtime: 95 min

Quality: , , ,

The Assignment is a transgender crime thriller by Walter Hill.
The protagonist of the film is one of the most hardened killers in the crime world named of Frank Kitchen. However, once he gets into not a good scrape, because he was betrayed. The killer gets trapped by a mad doctor Rachel Kay after another successful order execution. She decided to take revenge for the murder of her brother and made him a woman. Waking up after anesthesia with the breast and without penis, former cool guy, and now tomboy, wants to show all the enemies, that the woman may also exist in the world of murderers and other criminals. Moreover, of course, Frank is looking for the doctor to avenge to her. Nurse Johnnie, which also has the secrets, helps her in this difficult matter. The heroine of the movie The Assignment feels sympathy for the nurse in the search process. Nevertheless, one sympathy is not over, because Tomboy is still a man by soul and head.

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