Stronger 2017

Original Title: Stronger

Country: USA

Release Date: TBA, 2017


Creators: Jeff Bauman, John Pollono, Bret Witter

Directors: David Gordon Green

Cast: , , , , , , ,

Language: English


Film Stronger by David Gordon Green is the drama of one man against the background of the drama on a national scale.
Jeff Bauman is one of the most famous victims of the infamous Boston Marathon 2013. 27-year-old athlete- amateur lost both legs due to an explosion. Nevertheless, the tragedy only made Jeff Stronger. Ordinary passerby named Carlos Arredondo miraculously saved him. As a result, Bauman has not only returned to life, but also had a key aid in the capture of terrorists. He made identikits of possible suspects that gave the police and the FBI the necessary information for a successful investigation.
However, this is only one part of Jeff’s life after the explosion. Not all public perceived Bauman Jr. as a hero. There were a lot of conspiracy theories about that the explosion and his sacrifice is staging. That is to say, Jeff Bauman has long lost his legs, and only played the role of the crippled on April 15, 2013.
However, Jeff was a real man and a national winner. As the homegrown conspiracy theorists attacked Stronger, then his spirit and support of family, friends, relatives and work colleagues became Stronger.

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