Sex Doll 2016

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IMDb rating5,9/1011 votes

Original Title: Sex Doll

Country: France, UK

Release Date: February 10, 2017


Creators: Sylvie Verheyde

Directors: Sylvie Verheyde

Cast: , , , , ,

Language: French, English

Runtime: 102 min

Quality: , ,

Movie Sex Doll is a modern love story. A girl from the escort service meets her noble knight at her work, and he decides to save her and make his beloved.
Modern London. Beautiful girls want to live well, beautiful and luxurious, and, gab and seductive body can help them.
Virginie is young, enterprising in affairs, independent in judgment and she is not afraid of oblique views and accusations of immoral lifestyle. Virginie comes to London, applies for a job in escort service and turns into a Sex Doll. Here Virginie immediately becomes a star, the most popular girl. Wealthy clients dream to spend a romantic evening with her. As the sexy French says every whim for your money. However, once a noble knight named Rupert appears on the horizon, who fell in love with a beautiful stranger. Moreover, Sex Doll, so young, vicious and still dreamy, begins to believe that true love can be in her life despite for all its despicable moments.

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