Almost Christmas 2016

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Almost Christmas is one of the most beloved American genres, Christmas family comedy. The plot of such films is unchanged. The family is going through another crisis, everybody curse and suffer. However, they forget about their troubles and misfortunes, forgive each other all the resentment and...

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A Street Cat Named Bob 2016

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The main hero of the drama A Street Cat Named Bob is James Bowen. This guy lost everything because of his addiction. He was on the street with no home, no family, and no friends. He lost a job, respect, a purpose in life. However, the guy does not have time to think about his deplorable situation...

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Nocturnal Animals 2016

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Nocturnal Animals is a drama thriller that is based on the novel of Austin Wright. The movie is made like a story inside the other story. Susan lives luxurious life, at the moment she has wonderful husband and owns a private gallery. But everything begins when she unexpectedly receives a novel...

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Ben-Hur 2016

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Ben-Hur is based on one of the greatest stories that have been ever told. His family and he were very respected in Jerusalem. But one day everything has changed suddenly. They were meanly betrayed. It was Messala, his closest Roman friend, Ben-Hur has always acted toward him as an own brother...

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Loving 2016

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Loving is biography drama. The movie highlights the love story taking place in 1958, Virginia that changes the history. The story begins as ordinary romance. Richard and Mildred love each other, get married and build their house and life together. But not everyone is happy for them, as Richard is...

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