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A Ghost Story 2017

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New fantasy drama A Ghost Story directed by David Lowery tells the story of a ghost, who left our world prematurely, still young. A person could not find a peace after death and now he is destined to wander around his house. The first thing he saw was this beloved, who is experiencing a mental...

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The Mummy 2017

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The Mummy is an action fantasy adventure movie. This part of the franchise is going to become a brand new story, creators promise an epic reboot of classic legend. This film’s plot takes place in modern world. An ancient Queen seems to be buried safely in a crypt deep under the desert awakens. She...

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Aquarius 2016

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Cannes film Aquarius by Kleber Mendonça Filho is a socio-philosophical drama. Aquarius is the name of a residential neighborhood in one of the coastal areas of the city of Recife, Brazil. Aquarius is a tasty piece of land on the shore of the ocean. Therefore, according to the local authorities it...

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The Zookeeper’s Wife 2017

720p (MKV) BluRay BRRip

The Zookeeper's Wife is biography drama that is based on the novel of Diane Ackerman of the same name. It is inspired by the real story of the Warsaw zoo workers during the II World War. During the occupation of Poland Jan and Antonina Zabinski had been hiding more than one hundred of Jews from...

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My Life as a Zucchini 2016

720p (MKV) BluRay DVDRip (MKV)

Cartoon by Claude Barras My Life as a Zucchini (Ma vie de Courgette) is a French romantic drama animation. Hero of this dramatic French cartoon called unusual - Zucchini (in fact, the boy called Icarus, but his mother gave him an affectionate nickname to which he is attached with all his heart)...

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