Mr. Church 2016

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IMDb rating7,9/1045 votes

Original Title: Mr. Church

Country: USA

Release Date: September 16, 2016


Creators: Susan McMartin

Directors: Bruce Beresford

Cast: , , , , , ,

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Language: English

Runtime: 104 min

Quality: , ,

Drama Mr. Church tells the story of friendship and close family relationships between the two white women, mother and daughter, and their black cook Mr. Church.
African-American chef Mr. Church comes to a white family once. He previously worked at Marie’s late lover. The fact that this woman is doomed. She is ill with cancer in the last stage. Her little daughter Charlotte does not know about it. The girl does not like the appearance of a new black man at their home.
Mr. Church received a salary for the next six months and vowed to his former employer, that he would take care of the dying woman all this time, and not leave her in the lurch. However, to everyone’s surprise, Marie was able to hold out not half a year, as promised doctors, but for many years longer. Mr. Church was true to his promise all this time. He continued to care for the sick and to educate the little Charlotte. The girl eventually even loved a black stranger with all her heart. When Marie died, her daughter Charlotte and Cook Mr. Church were the best friends, almost family. After all, Mr. Church was the first to replace of her father and then her mother for the girl, who has turned into a woman over the years.

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