Mechanic: Resurrection 2016

Mechanic: Resurrection 2016 film poster

Original Title: Mechanic: Resurrection

Country: Thailand

Release Date: August 26, 2016

Genres: , , ,

Creators: Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher, Lewis John Carlino, Rachel Long, Brian Pittman

Directors: Dennis Gansel

Cast: , , , , ,

Awards: 1 nomination.

MPAA Rating: R

Language: English

Runtime: 98 min

Quality: , , , , , , ,

Entertaining action film, about the difficult work of the usual killer was released in 2010. The first film The Mechanic, in which the main role-played unbeaten Jason Statham, received recognition of spectators and world-famous. So the sequel Mechanic: Resurrection was released.
We learn at the beginning of movie that for a long time Arthur Bishop is trying to live as if his hands do not have blood of many people, among whom were innocent victims. One day the man understands that he leads the wrong way of life and decides to retire. However, it is not so simple. He has the skills of a professional killer and responsible approach to each case. Because of this, he could pass for a real ace, which can handle even the most complex orders. How disastrous is the authority of the hero, it will become clear at that moment, when his beloved will be stolen. She is in the hands of greedy and complacent rich man who puts an ultimatum to Arthur. Hostage is released if he returns to his criminal past. Now Bishop is necessary to perform three difficult order as soon as possible. He will kill in the form of an accident the three most protected people of the world.

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