Kill Switch 2017

Kill Switch 2017 film poster

Original Title: Kill Switch

Country: Netherlands, Germany, USA

Release Date: June 16, 2017


Creators: Charlie Kindinger, Omid Nooshin

Directors: Tim Smit

Cast: , , , , , , , , ,

MPAA Rating: R

Language: English

Runtime: 91 min

Quality: , ,

The events of the sci-fi movie Kill Switch take place at our near future.
Scientists of the future conduct an experiment to obtain unlimited energy from parallel worlds. However, the experiment got out of control at some point. The result of the catastrophe threatens by a massive apocalypse for the entire planet Earth. The discovery of the parallel Universe, which is an almost exact replica of the solar system, could become a revolutionary scientific breakthrough. In fact, it turned out a real disaster.
Now the main character of the film Kill Switch must fix up everything. The future of the planet depends on the pilot of the spacecraft Will Porter. Now he must activate the Kill Switch.
To do this, he must simply deliver the right box to the right place, going to the deadly race in the world that is crumbling underfoot.

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