Thriller is everyone’s favorite genre of film that can cause the viewer a heightened sense of anxiety , expectation and surprise . The best thrillers easily provide the viewer a flow of emotions and are able to fine tickle his nerves. This genre has no clear boundaries, so it easy merge with other genres, giving the plot sharpness to such films. Excellent selection of the most exciting thrillers are on this list, which can download every lover of thrills.

2:22 2017

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Movie 2:22 (2017) is a romantic thriller about an air traffic controller named Dylan. He leads a measured life and no new day in his life differs from the previous one. However, one day he has to do the impossible because of an error committed by his colleagues. Two airliners go to the collision...

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The Dinner 2017

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The Dinner is a film adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Herman Koch. Beginning in quite benevolent atmosphere of a family dinner, the plot gradually immerses us in the problem of the relationship between fathers and children, aggression and violence, tolerance and snobbery. The plot...

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47 Meters Down 2017

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Movie “47 Meters Down” is a horror thriller about how dangerous can be harmless entertainment. The plot revolves around two sisters Kate and Lisa, who came to rest in Mexico. In search of thrills, Kate convinces her sister to sink under the water in the cage for 47 meters down and look at the...

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Raw 2016

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Arthouse-horror Raw (Also Known As: Grave) is a crazy debut of French director and screenwriter Julia Ducournau in cinema. The plot revolves around a young girl who had just graduated from high school. All members of Justine’s family are vegetarians, so the young heroine grew up without a single...

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Life 2017

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Life is thriller science fiction movie. The plot reveals an unbelievable story of the International Space Station science crew. One day the international team of six people achieved the specimen from Mars that they obliged to study. Having analyzed this sample they state that they’ve found the...

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Altitude 2017

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The action movie Altitude 2017 tells about Gretchen Blair who returns from a heavy mission. She, an independent agent of the FBI. She flies from Washington on an airplane at an altitude of several thousand kilometers. Tired woman is very happy that she was bought a ticket to the business class...

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