Thriller is everyone’s favorite genre of film that can cause the viewer a heightened sense of anxiety , expectation and surprise . The best thrillers easily provide the viewer a flow of emotions and are able to fine tickle his nerves. This genre has no clear boundaries, so it easy merge with other genres, giving the plot sharpness to such films. Excellent selection of the most exciting thrillers are on this list, which can download every lover of thrills.

American Assassin 2017

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New American action film American Assassin tells another story about how a former special agent decides to start World War III. This is the adaptation of one of the books about Mitch Rapp by Vince Flynn. The protagonist of the thriller is a young CIA agent Mitch Rapp. He was in the department...

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Atomic Blonde 2017

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Atomic Blonde is an action thriller movie. The film follows the story of Lorraine Broughton, MI 6 agent. As she is top-level spy, she is being dispatched undercover for a very unusual assignment, she is Atomic Blonde. She has to turn back in time in the days of Cold War. Lorraine is sent to Berlin...

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Replace 2017


Replace is a horror film about a terrible case of mutation. Girl Kira Mabon was infected a mysterious illness, and was heartbroken when she has become from the blossoming young, full of health and forces beauty girl into a decrepit old woman just a few hours. However, there is also a positive...

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A Patch of Fog 2015

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British thriller A Patch of Fog by Michael Lennox introduces viewers to the conceited writer Sandy Duffy and his obsessive fan Robert. This American director can to show such laid-back and unpleasant personalities in a favorable light. Main character of the movie A Patch of Fog Sandy Duffy is a...

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American Made 2017

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Movie American Made is an exciting new crime thriller starring Tom Cruise. The plot of crime thriller American Made based on real events that occurred in the US in the 1980s. An American pilot of Trans World Airlines Barry Seal lived well for a long time. He had a formal job (regular flights to...

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The Foreigner 2016


The Foreigner is an action thriller, detective and crime drama. The main hero is a veteran of the Vietnam War named Quan. He can not be called a knight without fear and without reproach. Because being a mercenary, a great professional of his field, he killed people on both sides of the fence. Quan...

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IT 2017


IT is the horror film based on the Stephen King’s novel of the same name. This movie becomes the remake of the well-known TV Series of 1990. The plot follows the story of seven children from the small town Derry. They were named “Losers Club”. They were being horrified by the clown being called...

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Atomica 2017

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Atomica is a sci-fi thriller movie on the topic of Chernobyl and Fukushima. The events of the film Atomica take place in the near future, in a place strongly reminiscent of the nuclear ruins of Chernobyl or Fukushima. Safety Inspector Abby Dixon goes to the far nuclear power plant, from where the...

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