If you love the sport in all its forms , you are an active fan or you are just interested in this topic, you probably enjoy watching sport movies wait the release of each new film. We try to collect the most interesting and best movies on the sports theme in this section. All movies in high quality can be downloaded for free.

Battle of the Sexes 2017

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Biographical comedy Battle of the Sexes is a story about the confrontation for supremacy and gender superiority in a tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. The former first racket of the world Bobby Riggs is fun, sharp-tongued provocateur 55 years old. 29-year-old athlete Billie...

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Slamma Jamma 2017


Slamma Jamma is a drama film about the sport, but rather pro basketball. The film's protagonist basketball player named Michael Diggs. He is a former basketball star, but he was illegally charged and sent to jail. Now the road is closed to the sport forever for him. But the love of basketball...

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Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation 2016

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Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation is documentary movie. It gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the game that has ancient roots. The Native American Iroquois people used to play this game in the Middle Ages. Then this game enlarged upon the European settlers. Today it is played around the...

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Spirit of the Game 2016

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Spirit of the Game is a historical and biographical drama about sport by Australian director Darran Scott on his own original script. The Second World War has been in vain for no one in the world and her wounds made themselves felt for a long time. A faraway Australia begins training of athletes...

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The Bronx Bull 2016


The Bronx Bull is a continuation of the story of boxer Jack LaMotta from movie Raging Bull 1980. The protagonist of the biography drama is a famous athlete, who devoted himself to such kind of sport as boxing. His name is Jake, and he had the nickname The Bronx Bull. The man was from an Italian...

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7 Days in Hell 2015

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Fictional comedy movie 7 Days in Hell is made in mockumentary style. It is about the longest tennis match in history. Aaron Williams, which is American tennis player, faces his English counterpart Charles Poole in Wimbledon 2001. This film is about the background of them. Aaron is named “Bad Boy...

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