Sci-Fi film is a genre of film that allows applying the imagination in the most unusual ways and forms. A boundless of director’s imagination and fiction gives excellent results, so the best science fiction of all time movie is available for each of us.
Good Sci-Fi movies can move the viewer to every era and living conditions, creating the most incredible situations and characters. This genre has no restrictions on ideas and their embodiments. Modern technologies and graphics allow making this genre of movie spectacular and impressive.
Sci-fi section contains the most complete list of fantastic movies that have become favorite and that are still in the pipeline.

Phoenix Forgotten 2017

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Phoenix Forgotten is a sci-fi horror film, which is based on real events. The events occurred in a small American town Phoenix Arizona on March 13, 1997 that excited millions of UFO researchers. Thousands of people in the area from Arizona to Mexico observed strange lights in the sky for 3 hours...

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The Bad Batch 2016

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Romance drama The Bad Batch tells a fantastic love story that happened in the post Apocalypse world: cannibal falls in love with his victim. Nice southern Texas is one big nuclear garbage dump with a few surviving settlements, leading local wars among themselves. The issue of food stands...

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The Recall 2017

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The Recall is a sci-fi thriller directed by Mauro Borrelli about an alien attack on Earth. The plot of the film revolves around the five young people. The guys go to the house on the lake, which is in the thick of the forest outside the civilization. They only dream of having a good time and...

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Flatliners 2017

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Flatliners is horror science fiction movie. This film is the remake of the 1990 movie of the same name. It tells the story of a group of medical students. They are quite ambitious and believe that they are able to manage that that no one can. The team is going to die. Students are sure they are...

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Life 2017

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Life is thriller science fiction movie. The plot reveals an unbelievable story of the International Space Station science crew. One day the international team of six people achieved the specimen from Mars that they obliged to study. Having analyzed this sample they state that they’ve found the...

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Logan 2017

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Wolverine 3 is a next part of famous science-fiction action movie. Many years later, aged Logan is forced to fight against his old enemy Professor Xavier. He threatens to destroy Logan once and for all so Wolverine has to return. In this bloody battle Wolverine is obliged to save his beloved ones...

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