Romance has always been and will be a film’s genre, allowing to give the slack and a little cry. Top romance films reveal spirituality and sensuality of the main characters that appear in the life circumstances. This genre contains a struggle between good and evil in the context of love and hate. These features make the romance favorite for those who want to watch high-quality movies.
Good films of this subject are abound, and the best of them are gathered in the Romance category. Download and watch with pleasure.

Bitter Harvest 2016

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The events of the romance drama Bitter Harvest take place in Ukraine during the period of 1932-1933, when the terrible famine prevailed many Soviet republics. Those years between the two world wars have taken so many lives, and that period in Ukraine was a time of famine. This happened against the...

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The Mountain Between Us 2017

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The heroes of romance drama The Mountain Between Us had never met and, until recently, were not even aware of the existence of each other. However, fate brought them at the airport. A perspective young writer named Ashley Knox was going to fly on her own wedding, and Dr. Ben Payne returned home...

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Midnight Sun 2017

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Drama Midnight Sun is a romantic story about teenagers and teenage pure love. The film is based on the eponymous Japanese movie in 2006. The main character of the movie is seventeen-years-old girl Katie. She has a rare disease, which does not allow her to go out under the sun, because her skin...

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Their Finest 2016

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Their Finest is a historical drama of World War II. The main character of the romantic drama is a young ambitious woman director Catrin Cole. She brings together around herself a group of film-makers, and charges them with her boundless energy for creative feats in the glory of Britain. There are...

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Fifty Shades Darker 2017

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Fifty Shades Darker is the second movie from the erotic drama trilogy. It is based on the much-talked-of bestseller from the author E. L. James. In the sequel Fifty Shades Darker we find Anastasia and Christian during the break in relations. Anastasia is working out of her career, while Christian...

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The Resurrection of Gavin Stone 2016


The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is family comedy. This movie highlights the life story of Gavin Stone. He used to be a star from the childhood. But it has emerged that the adulthood is not that easy. He struggles at the moment in his tiny hometown. Being unappreciated actor Gavin passes through...

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The Discovery 2017

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The Discovery is a sci-fi / romance. The events of the film take place in the near future, when science proved the existence of life after death. Millions of people around the world commit suicide. Because any person, fallen into depression, hopes to begin to live again, but in a different world...

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The Handmaiden 2016

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The film The Handmaiden is provocative erotic drama. This story took place in the 1930s. Korea was a colony during this time. A couple of young crooks made quite cocky crimes very skillfully on the territory of this country. Each crime was carefully prepared. Everyone knew the names of these...

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