Romance has always been and will be a film’s genre, allowing to give the slack and a little cry. Top romance films reveal spirituality and sensuality of the main characters that appear in the life circumstances. This genre contains a struggle between good and evil in the context of love and hate. These features make the romance favorite for those who want to watch high-quality movies.
Good films of this subject are abound, and the best of them are gathered in the Romance category. Download and watch with pleasure.

Maudie 2016

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The romantic drama Maudie is based on the biography of an outstanding Canadian painter Maud Lewis, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, which, against expectations, did not her creativity limited. The events of biographical drama Maudie by Aisling Walsh take place in 1937 in Nova Scotia. A woman...

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Daughters of the Dust 1991


Drama Daughters of the Dust by Julie Dash was released for the first time in 1991, its debut was more than 20 years ago. A restart of this film carried out in 2016. It received a second life, participated in several film festivals and even won awards. Daughters of the Dust highlights the culture...

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The Bounce Back 2016


Romantic comedy The Bounce Back is a story about the search for love, trust and understanding. The protagonist of the film The Bounce Back is a talented author, a good father and an expert of human relations Matthew Taylor. He, his manager, and many of his fans believed. The events take place...

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Blind 2016

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Blind is a drama film directed by Michael Mailer., there will be two parts in this story: first, the main character appears to us a lost, desperate man, in the second - he is regaining a taste of life and trying to enjoy it. The plot revolves around a young man who is a writer of romantic novels...

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Bitter Harvest 2016

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The events of the romance drama Bitter Harvest take place in Ukraine during the period of 1932-1933, when the terrible famine prevailed many Soviet republics. Those years between the two world wars have taken so many lives, and that period in Ukraine was a time of famine. This happened against the...

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The Mountain Between Us 2017

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The heroes of romance drama The Mountain Between Us had never met and, until recently, were not even aware of the existence of each other. However, fate brought them at the airport. A perspective young writer named Ashley Knox was going to fly on her own wedding, and Dr. Ben Payne returned home...

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