Mystery always freezes the soul of people, so this film genre is popular and in demand. If you want to watch a movie with elements of mysticism, be prepared for the feeling of the presence of supernatural forces, which will become part of your consciousness at the time of viewing.
Best Mystic able to awaken the most incredible feelings, which can not be found in ordinary life. Various spirits, essences and sacraments overfill the film’s plot of mystical genre. The best examples, worthy of special attention of all lovers of the unidentified, can be found in the Mystery section.

Frank & Lola 2016

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Psychosexual romance thriller Frank & Lola is a story about love, obsession, sex, hate, revenge and desperate search for redemption. The protagonist of the film Frank & Lola obsessed with cooking. Frank works as a chef in the famous Las Vegas institution. Moreover, all his life he devoted...

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The 9th Life of Louis Drax 2016

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The film by French director Alexandre Aja is a mystery thriller that tells the story of a tragic accident. A little 9-year-old boy becomes the victim. Louis Drax is in a coma for some time. While the police begin to search for the culprit actively. Many clues and circumstances indicate that his...

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Autumn Lights 2016

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Autumn Lights is a mystery drama by Angad Aulakh. This is a movie for fans of deep movie. It is necessary to look it thoughtfully, being distracted no matter what. Filming took place in Iceland. Because according to producer this corner of the planet by its ambience and landscape matches the mood...

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Backtrack 2015

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Drama horror Backtrack focuses on Peter Bower, psychologist. Peter lost his daughter because of his own carelessness. He can’t sleep; he feels a deep remorse for that incident. Furthermore one day he understands that all his patients are just the wayward souls. Now he has to attend psychiatrist to...

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An Inspector Calls 2015

1080p (MKV)

Detective thriller An Inspector Calls gives a look at the well-to-do Birlings and a young girl which was murdered. The family gathers to commemorate an engagement of elder daughter, when Inspector Goole pays them a call. He informs them that the girl committed suicide. Her name is Eva Smith...

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Amnesiac 2014

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Horror mystery film Amnesiac describes the story of the man who lost his memory after car accident. Once the man wake up in the bed, understanding that he remembers nothing. The woman that comes in tells that she is his wife and he is at home. She tells that she is the one who can take care of...

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When the Bough Breaks 2016

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The plot of the film When the Bough Breaks tells the story of a beautiful and wealthy African-American couple John and Laura Taylor. They have everything to be happy, a beautiful house and a nice car. Nevertheless, they do not have a child. All attempts to get pregnant are unsuccessful. As a...

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Blood in the Water 2016

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Blood in the Water is a crime thriller by Ben Cummings and Orson Cummings. The plot of the film Blood in the Water focuses around three young persons. Percy and Veronica is young 20 years old people. They live as in paradise. They are happy and serene. However, summer is over. They forced to leave...

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London Road 2015


London Road is a semi-documentary musical by Rufus Norris. The feature of this musical is that the lyrics of the songs are written based on the transcripts of interviews of real events. When something happens at the small, provincial towns, then every person, living in this city, knows about it...

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Malibu Road 2016

Malibu Road is A Trip To The Other Side Of PARADISE. The plot of the romance thriller Malibu Road based upon true events. Sex, drugs, science, murder ... These are the main components of that time. The events of the film Malibu Road take place on the threshold of the 1960s. The protagonist of the...

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