Song to Song 2017

1080p (MP4) BluRay BRRip

Song to Song is music drama movie. This film reveals the story that focused on the two love triangles. The plot of the movie basically takes place on the music scene in Texas. Young rock singer believes that he is able to become world-wide known star. He has a manager who believes in his talent...

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48 Hours to Live 2016

1080p (MKV) Web-DL HDRip

48 Hours to Live is a crime thriller with hot and energetic dance steps. The protagonist is a young man dancer named Wyatt. He grew up in an unfavorable environment, was not exactly a law-abiding citizen, and as a result was in prison. He was free from prison prematurely on the condition of...

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Dreamland 2016

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Dreamland is a blend of drama and comedy about a young guy with great hopes. The idea of the plot is quite simple. Pianist Monty Fagan lives with his girlfriend Lizzie in the house of her mother. He is suffering a shortage of money like any inglorious musician. Nevertheless, he has a dream. Monty...

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London Town 2016

720p (MP4) WebRip HDRip

Events of drama London Town take place in 1978. London Town is the story of a British teenager Shay from a dysfunctional family that burdened with grown-up problems and responsibilities. One day he goes to the center of the bustling metropolis at his own risk. The tape with the song of The Clash...

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