Good movies do not happen much, especially if the genre is horror. They are very popular and love in people with well-developed imagination and strong nerves. A deserving horror film easily capture your mind, turning off from the reality at the same time.
Viewing of these films is able to give incredible feelings of terror, adrenaline, tension and fear. Our section of horrors is a real depository for moviegoers who prefer to watch only the best horror.
Concise and succinct description of the horror movie and review of the trailer is convenient and practical. You can use a proposed rating to find the most suitable movie for you, which will check your nerves of strength.

Phoenix Forgotten 2017

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Phoenix Forgotten is a sci-fi horror film, which is based on real events. The events occurred in a small American town Phoenix Arizona on March 13, 1997 that excited millions of UFO researchers. Thousands of people in the area from Arizona to Mexico observed strange lights in the sky for 3 hours...

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47 Meters Down 2017

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Movie “47 Meters Down” is a horror thriller about how dangerous can be harmless entertainment. The plot revolves around two sisters Kate and Lisa, who came to rest in Mexico. In search of thrills, Kate convinces her sister to sink under the water in the cage for 47 meters down and look at the...

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Flatliners 2017

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Flatliners is horror science fiction movie. This film is the remake of the 1990 movie of the same name. It tells the story of a group of medical students. They are quite ambitious and believe that they are able to manage that that no one can. The team is going to die. Students are sure they are...

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Raw 2016

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Arthouse-horror Raw (Also Known As: Grave) is a crazy debut of French director and screenwriter Julia Ducournau in cinema. The plot revolves around a young girl who had just graduated from high school. All members of Justine’s family are vegetarians, so the young heroine grew up without a single...

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The Lure 2015

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The Lure is a comedy horror drama by Agnieszka Smoczynska, which won at Fantasporo Film Festival 2016. Warsaw 1980. The era of disco is gaining momentum in Europe. Dance floors are full of young people who are ready to spend every night in the heat of the fun and perverse entertainment. However...

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The Devil’s Candy 2015

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Sean Byrne masterful plays genres and does not allow the viewer to understand for sure until the very end what kind of film he looks. That is to say, The Devil's Candy is a slasher, thriller in the style of "invasion", the story of a maniac or a satanic experience of demonic possession. Decoupling...

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