History films is about real historical events. So, films of this genre are usually high-budget. They have many different beautiful scenery and impressive extras. Many movies of History genre has accumulated on our site today. So, you can download them at any time.

Frantz 2016


Events of history drama Frantz take place in the first years after the end of the First World War. The horrors of World War II left behind millions of widows. Anna was one of them. This is a young German woman. Her husband Frantz died in France. Now Anna helps the elderly parents of her beloved...

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Patriots Day 2016

DVDScr (MP4)

Patriots Day is the drama thriller movie based on the real events of terrorist attack. The plot highlights the developments of 2013 during the Boston Marathon. Two bombs were exploded at the finish. The peculiarity of this film is that there will be the real chronicle of the events. It is the news...

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Viceroy’s House 2017

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Viceroy's House is a historical drama about India's Independence Day and the creation of Pakistan. There is 1947. The world is passing through a variety of political, economic and social upheavals after the end of World War II. As a result, India gets a long-awaited independence. Viceroy's House...

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The Founder 2016

Cam (MP4)

The Founder is a biography film. The plot of this drama focuses on the life of Ray Kroc. This man was the founder of the most known network of restaurants all over the world. Its name is McDonalds. Now all people know this name around the world. This network serves millions of visitors per day...

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Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk 2016


Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is history war drama. The plot is created on the base of well-known novel. The film said about and for Billy Lynn the young soldier and his platoon, which survives in the battle in Iraq. During the battle, they were captured on news hand cameras. Billy does not...

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Bridge of Spies 2015

1080p (MKV) BRRip

The plot of the history thriller Bridge of Spies is about lawyer James Donovan. The story is based on real events in the midst of the Cold War. The team of FBI agents arrested the artist Rudolf Abel suspected of espionage for the Soviet Union. The US government wants to hold a fair court. The Bar...

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Ben-Hur 2016

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Ben-Hur is based on one of the greatest stories that have been ever told. His family and he were very respected in Jerusalem. But one day everything has changed suddenly. They were meanly betrayed. It was Messala, his closest Roman friend, Ben-Hur has always acted toward him as an own brother...

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Loving 2016

1080p (MKV) HC.WebRip HC HDRip

Loving is biography drama. The movie highlights the love story taking place in 1958, Virginia that changes the history. The story begins as ordinary romance. Richard and Mildred love each other, get married and build their house and life together. But not everyone is happy for them, as Richard is...

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Denial 2016

1080p (MKV) BRRip BRRip

Denial is history drama. The movie is based on the real story that is described in History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier, the biographical book of Deborah E. Lipstadt. Deborah is historian and writer. David Irving is the one who denies the existence of Holocaust. She can’t...

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Anthropoid 2016

1080p (MKV) BluRay BRRip

The film Anthropoid is a historical war thriller about a famous military operation with the same name. Such a person as Reinhard Heydrich was a terrible threat to society during the Second World War. He was a Chief of the Reich Security of the Third Reich. This man became one of the most...

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Dunkirk 2017

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The plot of the film Dunkirk highlights the rescue operation Dynamo. It was an evacuation of several hundreds of thousands of allied troops from the boiler in the French Dunkirk. To save his comrades and to survive yourself - mission impossible. However, the order should be executed. There is a...

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The Promise 2016

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Movie The Promise is the new history drama by Terry George. The year is 1922. The events take place in the south of the European continent, in the Ottoman Empire, which is bursting at the seams and bogged down in the blood for nearly a decade. The main character of the film The Promise is American...

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