Documentary film is a genre that includes a story about real events and an authenticity of the facts. The theme herewith may be any. Currently documentary films are popular on historical, religious, scientific, political, cultural and other topics.
Documentary films is a great opportunity to learn more about the world around you, make a trip to a foreign country and city, dip into the mysteries and intrigues of world history and get acquainted with the biographies of the great people. The best documentaries of various subjects can be downloaded at a convenient time for you from the list below.

Author: The JT LeRoy Story 2016

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Author The JT LeRoy Story is a documentary movie. It reveals the real story of JT LeRoy and the one who is behind him. The first publication with this name was made in 1996 in several magazines. The first book of him was brought out in 1999. After that Le Roy began to go out and make public...

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City Of Gold 2015


City of Gold is a biographical documentary film. The plot revolves around a restaurant critic Jonathan Gold, who lived and worked in Los Angeles. Even viewers who have not read the Jonathan’s articles, and did not hear about him, it will be interesting to be acquainted with talented writer and the...

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Hockney 2014

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The film Hockney is based on exclusive materials about the outstanding personality David Hockney. His painting brought him the success. He began painting in 1960, when, he moved from a rainy UK to sunny Los Angeles. Today Hockney actively experiments with new technologies and creates a work on...

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