Crime film is a popular genre of the film industry. Criminal offense, fighting gangsters, gangs, and other is the basis of the plot in films of this genre. Modern audiences especially loves this theme. The best crime films will allow sensing the most acute feelings, which inherent to the chases, excitement, adrenaline when searching for evidences and criminals.
Viewing these films gives the viewer of adrenaline and excitement, which is not always enough in everyday life. That is why; we recommend downloading the films, which are represented in the category Crime, to people who wants to receive a charge of vivacity.

The Snowman 2017

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The main character of crime drama The Snowman is a young Norwegian detective Harry Hole. He get the opportunity to investigate a series of mysterious murders that took place in the capital in 2004. He graduated from FBI high school and now is ready to apply his skills in practice. First of all, he...

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American Made 2017

1080p (AVI) HC.HDRip Cam (AVI) HDCAM (MKV)

Movie American Made is an exciting new crime thriller starring Tom Cruise. The plot of crime thriller American Made based on real events that occurred in the US in the 1980s. An American pilot of Trans World Airlines Barry Seal lived well for a long time. He had a formal job (regular flights to...

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Baby Driver 2017

1080p (MKV) BluRay 1080p (MKV) BRRip 1080p (MKV) Web-DL 1080p (MP4) BluRay 1080p (MP4) HDRip HD-TS (MKV) HD-TS (MP4) HDCAM (MKV) HDRip

Baby Driver is crime action comedy. The movie is focused on the young man was named Baby for his child-looking face. He is talented person that obsessed with music. As many young men he has beloved girl and a dream, he wants to create unforgettable games soundtracks so bad. However, he also...

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Pocket Listing 2015

1080p (MP4) BluRay BRRip DVDRip (MKV)

Events of the crime comedy Pocket Listing unfold in one of the most beautiful cities of the world Los Angeles, which draws like a magnet to itself all scammers and fraudsters. Especially a lot of fraud going on in the world of real estate, because here it is a fabulous price, and an unbeatable...

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Ghost in the Shell 2017

1080p (MKV) BluRay 1080p (MKV) BRRip 1080p (MKV) Web-DL 1080p (MKV)-HC.HDRip 1080p (MP4) BluRay HC.HDRip (AVI) HD-TS (MKV) HDCAM (MKV)

Ghost in the Shell is an science fiction movie. The film is based on the series of manga of the same name and reveals the story of future world of 2029 year. Nine tenths of people implanted themselves different neural implants due to the ubiquitous networking. But this cyber-technology is also a...

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Master 2016

1080p (MKV) BluRay 720p (MKV) HDRip

South Korean action film Master by Cho Ui-seok is an exciting story about the police fight against crime and fraud. According to the plot of the movie Master, the head of a large corporation enters the field of vision of the country's Investigative Committee. His name is Jin. He is a powerful man...

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The Fate of the Furious 2017

(MP4) TC 1080p (MKV) Web-DL 1080p (MKV)-HC.HDRip 1080p (MP4) BluRay 1080p (MP4) HD.TC 1080p (MP4) TC BRRip HC.HDRip (AVI) HD-TS (MKV) HDCam (AVI) HDCAM (MKV) HDRip HQCam (MKV)

There were no doubts about the continuation after the box office record of Furious Seven. In addition, Vin Diesel revealed in his Instagram that the arena of combat and fast-action scenes of The Fate of the Furious would move to New York. Action film The Fate of the Furious will show streets...

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