Comedy is one of the first genres of world cinema, leading its history since 1885. The first real comedian is Charlie Chaplin, who glorified the comedy as a special genre. Comedy has to amuse, to entertain people and distract them from their daily routine and worries.
You can find both the comedies from 1990s and the newest modern comedy in the par. Comedy. Here you always find a movie to your taste, because the choice of comedies is huge.

The Big Sick 2017


Movie The Big Sick are based on a real history of the relationship between the scriptwriters Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani. The film tells the story of a relationship in which a Pakistani guy Kumail and his American friend Emily must overcome some difficulties. The main characters of the...

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Snatched 2017

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Snatched is comedy movie. It is going to be premiered on the weekends of Mother’s Day. The plot is inspired by scriptwriter’s real story of relations with her mother. It tells an incredible story of mother and her young daughter. Their relationship is far from perfect. One day they decide to go...

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Cars 3 2017

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At this time, Lightning McQueen will taste the most famous highways of America: sixty-sixth and ninety-ninth in the adventure animation Cars 3. A major action of sports film Cars 3 will develop at California track on Piston Cup Racing. Of course, when compared new machines with McQueen, you can...

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Speech & Debate 2017

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Speech & Debate is a teenage comedy about hypocrisy adult and children's maximalism. Initially, it was the off-Broadway play, which received a second life as a film adaptation by Dan Harris. The main characters of the film are three ordinary teenagers from high school Solomon, Diwata and Howie...

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The House 2017


The House is comedy movie. The plot focuses on the one family. Scott and his beloved wife have a teenager daughter that is in the graduation class and is going to go to college. But there is one huge problem; her parents have no money for her study. Scott and his wife have poured every penny of...

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Car Dogs 2016

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Movie Car Dogs by Adam Collis tells the story about a young man named Mark. He works as a sales manager in the company of his father Malcolm Chamberlain. However, his career achievements are not satisfied with demanding and stern parent. In addition, once a young man has a chance to prove himself...

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Paris Can Wait 2016

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Paris Can Wait is a romantic comedy that highlights the viewer the inner essence of the people involved in a great cinema. Many women may envy the life of the main character Anne. She is married to a successful producer and lives in Paris. Nevertheless, Anne does not think so. There are no longer...

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