Comedy is one of the first genres of world cinema, leading its history since 1885. The first real comedian is Charlie Chaplin, who glorified the comedy as a special genre. Comedy has to amuse, to entertain people and distract them from their daily routine and worries.
You can find both the comedies from 1990s and the newest modern comedy in the par. Comedy. Here you always find a movie to your taste, because the choice of comedies is huge.

Donald Cried 2016

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Donald Cried is a caustic and hilarious comedy about a forgotten friendship and return to childhood. The film's protagonist is a successful financier from New York City named Peter. His grandmother died, so he is forced to return to his native town in the Rhode Island state for one day to take...

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A Bad Moms Christmas 2017

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A Bad Moms Christmas is a sequel of crazy comedy Bad Moms. Our Bad Moms Amy, Carla and Kiki are in the center of the story again. They went back to their duties; they are undervalued and overburdened with household chores. The events of the comedy take place on Christmas Eve. Bad Moms try to cope...

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Dean 2016

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Dean is a comedy movie by the US stand-up comedian Demetri Martin about the grief from the loss of a loved one, family values and healing by love. The film's protagonist is an ordinary illustrator from New York named Dean. However, suddenly a pile of problems dumped on him. His mother died. He can...

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Band Aid 2017

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The main characters of the film Band Aid (2017) are the young married couple. The guys met at a concert of one of the famous rock band, a concert of which was in their town. Their relations began against the backdrop of the love to the music. Which gradually, after a series of dates, grew into an...

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The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature 2017


The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature is an animated adventure comedy for the whole family. This is a continuation of fun, and at the same time dangerous adventures of squirrel Surly and his faithful sidekick, the rat Buddy. Squirrel Surly and his friends - Buddy, Precious and Andie are now living at the...

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Everybody Loves Somebody 2017


Everybody Loves Somebody is a romantic comedy about life choices and the impact of family to the privacy. The main character of the film Everybody Loves Somebody is a young and attractive girl named Clara Barron. At first glance, it may seem that she is quite happy. Clara has a great house in Los...

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