Biographical film is a cinematic genre that contains the story about the life of famous and well-known personalities. The main purpose of these films is the showing the influence of a particular person to the facts and events. If you are a fan of real-life stories, the best biographical movies are presented for you in the list below.

The Current War 2017

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We interest this film because there are such famous figures as the Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. Chronicle of those days transmit a real Current War - AC or DC. Two professors of physics and successful scientists, Thomas Edison and his colleague George Westinghouse, led a...

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Spirit of the Game 2016

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Spirit of the Game is a historical and biographical drama about sport by Australian director Darran Scott on his own original script. The Second World War has been in vain for no one in the world and her wounds made themselves felt for a long time. A faraway Australia begins training of athletes...

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The Odyssey 2016

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Biopic of Jacques-Yves Cousteau The Odyssey by Jérôme Salle reveals all the secrets of celebrity and helps to see this great and sophisticated man in a new way, especially in the light of the difficult relations with his eldest son Jean-Michel Cousteau. Summer 1946. Most recently, Great War ended...

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I Am Michael 2015

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Biographical drama I Am Michael is a true story of Michael Glatze, gay, journalist, political activist, a Christian pastor. He has come a long way of self-identification and the search of his own "I", which ended in the Christian church of Wyoming. Michael Glatze was openly gay, was involved in...

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The People vs. Fritz Bauer 2015


Drama The People vs. Fritz Bauer is a biography film about the life of a lawyer Fritz Bauer. He was Attorney General in post-war Germany. Bauer has experienced several months of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Therefore, he did everything possible to punish all the Nazi criminals after the...

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