An essential of all adventure films is an abundance of events, activities, and amazing spellbinding plot. A mandatory requirement is the heroes that we sympathize with that survive all dangerous and touching moments. Such films as Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future are examples of the adventure genre. Choosing this kind of movie, you can safely download and watch it in the bosom of your family with great interest.
We fill up a collection of adventure films, based on the notes, critics and audience ratings. There are the top-rated films, which have already become classics of cinema, and new products that have just released in the section Adventure. However, do not worry, because all new movies are checked for quality picture and sound.

War for the Planet of the Apes 2017

DVDScr (MP4)

The third part of the revived action franchise named War for the Planet of the Apes goes from a local confrontation of people and monkeys to full-scale war. Caesar strengthened his authority, when suppressed his pupil, ward and rival Koba by his reason and the power. Nevertheless, the delicate...

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Cars 3 2017

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At this time, Lightning McQueen will taste the most famous highways of America: sixty-sixth and ninety-ninth in the adventure animation Cars 3. A major action of sports film Cars 3 will develop at California track on Piston Cup Racing. Of course, when compared new machines with McQueen, you can...

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