The video quality is getting better and better. The video resolution plays an important role in this. TV standard of high-resolution 4K Ultra HD TV (or UHD TV) provides high image resolution, exceeding four times already known to many of us the standard 1080p Full HD. Now you can plunge into the broader digital space with crisp detail and excellent image clarity.
More and more films are produced and demonstrated in the new standard-resolution 4K, which allows us to consider four times more detail compared to the conventional HD format. Look at the list of 4K films, download and enjoy the new film quality.

WarCraft 2016

1080p (MKV) BluRay 3D 4K BRRip HDRip

Adventure fantasy Warcraft: The Beginning is the film adaptation of the cult game, where all the events happening in the fictional world of Azeroth. In the first part of the film, we see a confrontation between the two races, the Alliance of people and vicious hordes of Orcs. Generally, this film...

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2014

1080p (MKV) BRRip 3D 4K BRRip MKV)

Sci-fi adventure film Guardians of the Galaxy is the tenth anniversary Marvel Universe movie, which was one of the most successful. This is the history of the Marvel hero Star-Lord. A little boy Peter Quill was kidnapped right at the deathbed of his mother by a gang of robbers-aliens. They brought...

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