Death Wish 2017

Original Title: Death Wish

Country: USA

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Genres: , ,

Creators: Scott Alexander, Joe Carnahan, Michael Ferris, Brian Garfield, Larry Karaszewski

Directors: Eli Roth

Cast: , , , , , , ,

Language: English


Crime drama Death Wish is a remake of the famous film by Michael Winner, filmed him in 1974. The original movie was based on a novel by the American author Brian Garfield with the same name, and had four sequels. Therefore, most likely, this remake could be the beginning of a new franchise.
The life of the main character of the film Death Wish was divided into two phases. The first of which Paul Kersey was the happiest man and loving family man, while the latter he became a cold-blooded killer, who has only irresistible Death Wish… Everything started with a terrible tragedy, when he returned home and found the lifeless bodies of wife and daughter. A gang of criminal personalities brutally violated and killed them. As it turned out the police is powerless and Paul is forced to take the fulfillment of justice in his own hands. The perfect family man and ordinary architect turns into a killing machine leaving a blood trail of vengeance…

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