Dad’s Army 2016

Dad's Army 2016 film poster
IMDb rating5,4/101 654 votes

Original Title: Dad's Army

Country: UK

Release Date: February 05, 2016


Creators: David Croft, Hamish McColl, Jimmy Perry

Directors: Oliver Parker

Cast: , , , ,

Language: English

Runtime: 100 min

Quality: ,

Dad’s Army highlights the situation during Second World War. Many aged men of Mainwaring suffer from their usefulness. They were on the First War and they struggle to show themselves in the Second one. But they fill no motivation. But everything changes, when young classy journalist Rose arrives to write a report of this troop’s activities. At the time MI5 intercept the radio signal towards Berlin. Men understand that it is their chance to maintain in the war, so they begin to figure out and catch the spy. Their army wives decide that the men could not deal anything without them and cooperate with the troop.

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