Cars 3 2017

Cars 3 2016 film poster

Original Title: Cars 3

Country: USA

Release Date: June 16, 2017

Genres: , ,

Creators: John Lasseter

Directors: Brian Fee

Cast: , , , , , , , , , ,

Awards: 2 nominations.

MPAA Rating: G

Language: English

Runtime: 102 min

Quality: , , , ,

At this time, Lightning McQueen will taste the most famous highways of America: sixty-sixth and ninety-ninth in the adventure animation Cars 3. A major action of sports film Cars 3 will develop at California track on Piston Cup Racing. Of course, when compared new machines with McQueen, you can see that he has had it the last time and became useless to anyone. Nevertheless, the star never goes out, and he decides to another daring step – a new race. A serious struggle tied between the contenders for the title. Cars are willing to undergo any tests in order to win! The protagonist of the comedy Cars 3, racecar Lightning McQueen confronts his worst enemy, overcoming difficulties and obstacles. In addition, he will meet new people that he will be remembered for a long time.
What does new adventures await Lightning McQueen and his faithful friends? Will be he able to win in the next race, because the opposer can be a lot faster?

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