The Birth of a Nation 2016

The Birth of a Nation 2016 film poster
IMDb rating5,4/101 165 votes

Original Title: The Birth of a Nation

Country: USA

Release Date: October 07, 2016

Genres: ,

Creators: Jean McGianni Celestin, Nate Parker

Directors: Nate Parker

Cast: , , , , , , ,

Awards: 2 wins.

MPAA Rating: R

Language: English

Runtime: 110 min

Quality: , , , ,

The Birth of a Nation is drama biography movie. The film declares the story of American slavery and focuses on the most outstanding slave in the history of USA, Nat Turner. This story took place in real life. As many others slaves he picks the cotton, but he is also preacher. One day he and his fellows see a solar eclipse. Turner sees this eclipse as a sign from above: the black hand covers the sun. So he uses his preacher talent not for suppression the slaves, as his master wants him, but to make an appeal to force for the abolition. Under his leadership begins the servile revolt that shook slave-owning America.

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