Bad Dads 2017

Original Title: Bad Dads

Country: USA

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Genres: ,

Creators: Bill Block, Suzanne Todd

Language: English


Bad Dads is a spin-off of the recently sensational family comedy titled Bad Moms that has collected great cash.
Everyone knows that to be parents is very responsible and incredibly difficult work. Especially if you need combine this work with other equally responsible and complicated cases, such as a career. However, all these things are linked inextricably. As a result, we assume not enough neither the strength nor the time.
All this has led the three perturbed moms to think about the need to break away fully. And had one’s fling, having invested all their energy in this process.
However, I must say that these problems are not only for women. Being a pattern father is no easy task, especially if still a child lives in you. In addition, you have to keep your various ideas, impulses and desires, trying to become an example to follow for your younger offspring. Because we all have long known that best method of education is a personal example. However, the model needs emotional release from time to time. So what would be the last straw for the fathers of the movie Bad Dads, in order to give them a reason to remember the days of their reckless and irresponsible youthfulness? Moreover, how will the men pour out accumulated emotional fatigue and stress? Will they surpass bad moms in their “outrage”?
You are sure to get the answers to all these questions, viewing Bad Dads’ adventures in this new family comedy.

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