ARQ 2016

ARQ 2016 film poster

Original Title: ARQ

Country: USA

Release Date: September 16, 2016


Creators: Tony Elliott

Directors: Tony Elliott

Cast: , , , , ,

Language: English

Quality: ,

The sci-fi film ARQ (Automatic Repeat Query) takes the viewer into the distant future. It is a devastating war for world domination in the universe, and for control of the ENERGY.
The main characters of the film ARQ 2016 are Renton and Hannah. These are two young engineers, who have the bright minds. They live in this dark, full of malice and rivalry world. Renton and Hannah decided to change the situation and create a technology, which could stop the war for the possession of such an important component as global energy. Their bold experience was a success, but it had a very sad consequences. Because the experimental technology has created not only energy, but also a time loop. Young engineers were in the midst of this time loop. Now they have daily to repel the attacks of unknown thugs in masks, who want to steal their technology.
They start every day with the working-out another plan to have time to perform a task before bandits kill them. The main characters of the movie ARQ repeat over and over again the same action, making any significant changes. Torture with invasion of bandits continues day after day. Our heroes have a difficult task, keeping the technology, to break out of the time loop and to stop the destructive war on Earth.

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