Rooney Mara

Una 2016

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Una is a new psychological drama by Benedict Andrews. The film tells the disturbing uncomfortable story about criminal relationship between a girl named Una and adult male Ray, which began with a sexual offense, continued as embittered violent confrontation and ended... Ray perverted the...

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A Ghost Story 2017

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New fantasy drama A Ghost Story directed by David Lowery tells the story of a ghost, who left our world prematurely, still young. A person could not find a peace after death and now he is destined to wander around his house. The first thing he saw was this beloved, who is experiencing a mental...

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Song to Song 2017

1080p (MP4) BluRay BRRip

Song to Song is music drama movie. This film reveals the story that focused on the two love triangles. The plot of the movie basically takes place on the music scene in Texas. Young rock singer believes that he is able to become world-wide known star. He has a manager who believes in his talent...

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The Discovery 2017

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The Discovery is a sci-fi / romance. The events of the film take place in the near future, when science proved the existence of life after death. Millions of people around the world commit suicide. Because any person, fallen into depression, hopes to begin to live again, but in a different world...

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Mary Magdalene 2017

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Historical drama Mary Magdalene highlights the known history of worship and devotion. The plot will show all whole drama of these relationships with incredible reliability and divine affection of repentant harlot for God's son. Biographical history of St. Mary Magdalene will tell the views about...

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Carol 2015

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The film Carol is an adaptation of the story The Price of Salt. The action of the film takes place in New York in the 1950s. Young saleswoman meets mature woman named Carol. Women are taking up gradually, and Therese realizes that she is in love with this woman. Carol’s husband Harge sees what is...

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