Louisa Krause

Donald Cried 2016

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Donald Cried is a caustic and hilarious comedy about a forgotten friendship and return to childhood. The film's protagonist is a successful financier from New York City named Peter. His grandmother died, so he is forced to return to his native town in the Rhode Island state for one day to take...

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Bare 2015

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The story of the movie Bare highlights the life of young girl Sarah. She lives ordinary life with her mother in small town, works as a cashier, has a boyfriend. She feels so bored; life in her dreams is darker and more emancipated. One day Sarah understands that she has nothing in common with his...

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Dog Eat Dog 2016

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The crime thriller Dog Eat Dog 2016 tells the story about complicated relationships between people in today's society. Director and screenwriter Paul Schrader give the main role in his film to the notorious Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe. The plot bases on the eponymous book by Edward Bunker...

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