Kathy Bates

Bad Santa 2 2016

1080p (MKV) BluRay BRRip Cam (MP4) HDRip

Bad Santa 2 is the returning of famous black comedy movie. It is the continuation of Willie’s story. He is still a drunkard, womanizer, criminal and thief. He still hates children and their parents but he still dresses in Santa Claus costume in Christmas Eve as he understands that it is the best...

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The Great Gilly Hopkins 2016

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Comedy drama The Great Gilly Hopkins is a comic and a tragic at the same time story of a difficult child. Twelve-year-old Gilly Hopkins lives in an orphanage. Guardians are hard to find adoptive parents for her. Because the girl does not try to hide her arrogant and difficult character. Going from...

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Complete Unknown 2016


Psychological drama Complete Unknown immerse the viewer into the world of a non-existent reality, where the main characters are constantly trying to start life from scratch, changing not only the name but also everything that somehow was connected with the past life. Tom decided to celebrate his...

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