Kate Bosworth

Life on the Line 2015

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The new action-drama by David Hackl Life on the Line highlights all of the most dangerous moments of the profession electrician. John Travolta plays the role of a brave electrician who is in the very epicenter of energy catastrophe. The electrician profession is quite a dangerous occupation, which...

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Before I Wake 2016

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Film Before I Wake is a horror drama. The plot tells the story of a young couple, whose little son died while tragic circumstances. They get a new chance at happiness. Because they decide to adopt a boy from an orphanage. Cody is eight-year-old boy. He likes his new parents. Everything was well...

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Amnesiac 2014

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Horror mystery film Amnesiac describes the story of the man who lost his memory after car accident. Once the man wake up in the bed, understanding that he remembers nothing. The woman that comes in tells that she is his wife and he is at home. She tells that she is the one who can take care of...

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90 Minutes in Heaven 2015

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The film 90 Minutes in Heaven is based on the New York Times bestseller, which describes incredible true story. Don Piper is pastor that died January 18, 1989 in awful car accident. Ambulance men verified his death and let him lied under his car fragments for hour and half. But the prayers of...

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