Gal Gadot

Justice League 2017


Justice League is a powerful response to The Avengers from the WB and DC Comics. However, Superman is sleeping, and director Zack Snyder only hints about the return of the main defender of the Earth. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne turns for help to his new friend Diana Prince. Because he has a...

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Wonder Woman 2017

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Adventure fantasy film Wonder Woman is based on the comics of Wonder Woman. This is a woman-warrior, modern amazon, which has incredible power and response, about which men can only dream. She repeatedly helped to Batman, Flash, Superman… These superheroes are her closest associates. However...

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Criminal 2016

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Criminal reveals the story of Jericho Stewart spends most time of his life in prison. When Bill Pope, the CIA agent, has died Jericho has been chosen for unusual mission because of some his mental problems. The scientists have created unbelievable method. Now the genetics can perform incredible...

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Triple 9 2016

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Police are the guardians of law and order, crime fighters and defenders of ordinary citizens. Everybody want to be equal to them, they are trusted. But there is a downside - sometimes the police are the ones who do not deserve such a high honor. They use their position for personal gain and...

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