Willem Dafoe

A Family Man 2016

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Movie A Family Man is an American-Canadian drama film starring Gerard Butler. The main character of the movie Dane Jensen is already at the top of his career. Because his boss announced a retirement and his leadership chair is going to pass either to Dane or to his eternal rival - the successful...

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Aquaman 2018

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Aquaman is an adventure action film about another superhero of comic book, which is the ruler of the Seven Seas. Arthur Curry was born in a family of simple servant of the lighthouse. Arthur’s mother was a Lady of the Seven Seas, the Queen of Atlantis, which came into exile. The woman did not tell...

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John Wick 2014

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Crime thriller John Wick tells the story about the best killer of the mysterious Killers League. Faced with the love of his life, John Wick retires to live a quiet family life. However, beloved wife died after a long and serious illness. She gave John a puppy before her death that a former killer...

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Dog Eat Dog 2016

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The crime thriller Dog Eat Dog 2016 tells the story about complicated relationships between people in today's society. Director and screenwriter Paul Schrader give the main role in his film to the notorious Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe. The plot bases on the eponymous book by Edward Bunker...

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