Michael Nyqvist

Frank & Lola 2016

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Psychosexual romance thriller Frank & Lola is a story about love, obsession, sex, hate, revenge and desperate search for redemption. The protagonist of the film Frank & Lola obsessed with cooking. Frank works as a chef in the famous Las Vegas institution. Moreover, all his life he devoted...

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John Wick 2014

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Crime thriller John Wick tells the story about the best killer of the mysterious Killers League. Faced with the love of his life, John Wick retires to live a quiet family life. However, beloved wife died after a long and serious illness. She gave John a puppy before her death that a former killer...

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I.T. 2016

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Engineering and architectural know-how named "smart house" has become a full part of the twenty-first century civilization, so it's time to start scaring this construction, equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Director John Moore in his new thriller I.T. tells the story of how smart house...

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