Justin Long

Lavender 2016

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The plot of the movie Lavender revolves around a young woman photographer named Jane, who lost her memory after a serious car accident. She has still some fragments of her past, but the rest events are the deep whirlpool of unconsciousness., she, on the advice of his psychologist, along with her...

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Frank & Lola 2016

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Psychosexual romance thriller Frank & Lola is a story about love, obsession, sex, hate, revenge and desperate search for redemption. The protagonist of the film Frank & Lola obsessed with cooking. Frank works as a chef in the famous Las Vegas institution. Moreover, all his life he devoted...

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Yoga Hosers 2016

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Yoga Hosers is a peculiar spin-off of the previous film by Kevin Smith - Tusk. Therefore, the legendary comedy writer of independent film again directs to the theme of horror. A common place of action - the vicinity of Winnipeg and a large number of secondary characters unites these movies. These...

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Ghost Team 2016

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Film Ghost Теам is a comedy about the funny adventures of Louis and his team. Young man Louis has a boring job in the copy shop. He again and again prints out countless ads about the disappearance of cats and dogs. His only entertainment is the belief in the paranormal. He gathers a team of his...

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