James Badge Dale

Granite Mountain 2017

The drama movie Granite Mountain promises to tell a story based on real facts, so that it has caused heated discussion. The film Granite Mountain has high rating of expectations. This is a true story about the most disastrous forest fire in Arizona history. It broke out because of a lightning...

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World War Z 2013

1080p (MKV) BluRay 3D BRRip

Post-apocalyptic thriller World War Z is a global attraction, because the plot vicissitudes occur across the globe (America - Southeast Asia - Middle East - Europe - and again US). This is a real World War Z. Moreover, it, all appearances, will continue in the second part of the apocalyptic...

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Spectral 2017

720p (MKV) WebRip HDRip

Spectral is action science fiction movie. The plot describes modern New York invaded with the supernatural beings. There appears a crater that serves as the entrance for them. The methods of fighting against these creatures are unknown. Buildings are crumbling, people are intimidated, the city and...

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