Jackie Chan

The Foreigner 2016


The Foreigner is an action thriller, detective and crime drama. The main hero is a veteran of the Vietnam War named Quan. He can not be called a knight without fear and without reproach. Because being a mercenary, a great professional of his field, he killed people on both sides of the fence. Quan...

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Skiptrace 2016

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Film Skiptrace is an action comedy starring Jackie Chan. The plot focuses on a crystal honest cop from Hong Kong - Bennie Chan. His Handbook is Criminal Code. In addition, he always follows it in his work and life. For many years, he has been fighting with one of the leaders of organized crime...

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Kung Fu Panda 3 2016

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The very first, subconscious memories about his parents were a source of frustration for panda Po. "We have this radish instead of you. She is polite, quiet, and her kung fu is better than yours is "- they told in his dreams. However, the meeting with the long-lost father - is the greatest...

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