Gerard Butler

A Family Man 2016

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Movie A Family Man is an American-Canadian drama film starring Gerard Butler. The main character of the movie Dane Jensen is already at the top of his career. Because his boss announced a retirement and his leadership chair is going to pass either to Dane or to his eternal rival - the successful...

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Keepers 2017

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Keepers is a psychological drama in a classic British thriller genre. This film bases on the true story of the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in the archipelago Flannan. Thomas, James and Donald go to the island to work due time and, as always, to return safely to the mainland. However...

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Gods of Egypt 2016

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The mythical movie Gods of Egypt tells the amazing, fascinating story, where will it all: love and hate, hope and frustration, life and war. The patron of the desert Set desired a personal power and hated everybody who can make him competitive. That’s why he decided to kill his brother Osiris. A...

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London Has Fallen 2016

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Power has always been associated with violence, immense vanity and endless intrigue. Officials are ready literally tear each other for the hold of the ill-fated throne. Policies do not think on the choice of means in this dreadful, dishonorable war. They are sure that all means are good to achieve...

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