Chris Pine

Wonder Woman 2017

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Adventure fantasy film Wonder Woman is based on the comics of Wonder Woman. This is a woman-warrior, modern amazon, which has incredible power and response, about which men can only dream. She repeatedly helped to Batman, Flash, Superman… These superheroes are her closest associates. However...

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For the Love of Spock 2016

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For the Love of Spock is a documentary movie. It is directed by Adam Nimoy, the son of Leonard Nimoy, which had different roles, but remains in the hearts of many people as Spock. Spock is, probably, the most popular character in the history of the universe of Star Trek. Adam starts this film...

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The Finest Hours 2016

1080p (MKV) 3D HDRip

The Finest Hours is a story about harsh winter 1952 year in New England. Since Her Majesty Nature likes to point arrogant and greedy men on their place in the food chain, the tragedy was imminent. At this time, it was due to "dirty steel." That is of poor quality, it is not suitable for...

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