2307: Winter’s Dream 2017

2307: Winter's Dream 2017 film poster

Original Title: 2307: Winter's Dream

Country: USA

Release Date: April 02, 2017


Creators: Joey Curtis, Paul Sidhu

Directors: Joey Curtis

Cast: , , , , , , ,

Awards: 6 wins & 1 nomination.

Language: English

Runtime: 101 min

Quality: ,

2307: Winter’s Dream is a sci-fi movie about a post-apocalyptic future by Joey Curtis.
The events of the film take place in 2307. The Earth is covered with ice and virtually uninhabitable. Over 75% of the world’s population died, and the survivors live underground because they can not withstand such a low temperature. Their life is like a terrible Winter’s Dream. They have developed humanoids to help themselves, which have great strength, speed and resistance to extreme cold.
However, there is one person among the humanoids, which plans and threatens to raise a rebellion against their creators. That’s why the elite squad of soldiers gets the mission to eliminate the danger. Seven well-trained fighters must hunt down and kill rebel ASH-393. First, the heroes of the movie 2307: Winter’s Dream need to survive in the icy wasteland.

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