Many projects have been announced for 2017. As a result, some are already in the development stage, and in some cases even started shooting. It is worth noting that 2017 year will be rich on the different kinds of movies. There will be exciting sequels that will try to surpass the popularity of the first film. There will be films which taken on the original script. Many new thrillers and comedy movies, and a good traced sci-fi will be in the new year.
Moreover, we select for you only the best movies by genre and by release date, making them as accessible as possible. So, you can learn more about what we expect the films in 2017 year in the category 2017.

Phoenix Forgotten 2017

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Phoenix Forgotten is a sci-fi horror film, which is based on real events. The events occurred in a small American town Phoenix Arizona on March 13, 1997 that excited millions of UFO researchers. Thousands of people in the area from Arizona to Mexico observed strange lights in the sky for 3 hours...

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Baby Driver 2017


Baby Driver is crime action comedy. The movie is focused on the young man was named Baby for his child-looking face. He is talented person that obsessed with music. As many young men he has beloved girl and a dream, he wants to create unforgettable games soundtracks so bad. However, he also...

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War for the Planet of the Apes 2017

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The third part of the revived action franchise named War for the Planet of the Apes goes from a local confrontation of people and monkeys to full-scale war. Caesar strengthened his authority, when suppressed his pupil, ward and rival Koba by his reason and the power. Nevertheless, the delicate...

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Ghost in the Shell 2017

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Ghost in the Shell is an science fiction movie. The film is based on the series of manga of the same name and reveals the story of future world of 2029 year. Nine tenths of people implanted themselves different neural implants due to the ubiquitous networking. But this cyber-technology is also a...

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