2016 year brought us the long-awaited new movies and sequels of favorite movies, which we have been waiting for. The film industry will once again surprise the limitless possibilities of the graphics, original stories and the latest special effects.
Films of different genres from young or famous producers will be among the novelties. Many films of 2016 year were announced a few years ago. Therefore, attention will be riveted to them! Intrigue receiving film awards supports the interest to the upcoming movies. The most impressive films will fight for the prestigious award. Works, that are more modest, will join the collection of world cinema.
New movies for everyone out almost every week. If you are lover of fantasy and video games, there is no doubt the most important event of the year for you will be the premiere of Warcraft. After all, fans were looking forward to it more than twenty years. In addition, this year will be a complete paradise for the fans of superheroes and supervillains confrontation. After all, Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and many other spectacular adaptations of comics will release on wide screens. Connoisseurs of dramas and exciting thrillers also will be satisfied.
The movies 2016 are already available or soon will be available for downloading for all film fans, the list of which is always to your attention. Quickly download at any time in high quality new movies – it’s convenient and enjoyable. In order not to miss the premiere, you can follow the schedule anticipated films on our website.
Select the category 2016 and all released films of this year will be available to download at high speed. So, download and watch best rated movies with pleasure.

It’s Only the End of the World 2016

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The movie It's Only the End of the World by Xavier Dolan is the member of the main competition program of the Cannes Film Festival and the winner of the Grand Prix of the jury. Louis-Jean Knipper is a famous writer in the whole country. He does not visit his parents' home for 12 years. Suddenly...

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Kidnap 2016

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Kidnap is drama thriller movie from the director Luis Prieto. The plot highlights the story of single mother Kate Mcoy. Every American is aware that every minute a child is being missed, but nobody expects that it could happen to his child. Neither Kate expects. But one awful day it does, her son...

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Donald Cried 2016

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Donald Cried is a caustic and hilarious comedy about a forgotten friendship and return to childhood. The film's protagonist is a successful financier from New York City named Peter. His grandmother died, so he is forced to return to his native town in the Rhode Island state for one day to take...

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The Foreigner 2016

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The Foreigner is an action thriller, detective and crime drama. The main hero is a veteran of the Vietnam War named Quan. He can not be called a knight without fear and without reproach. Because being a mercenary, a great professional of his field, he killed people on both sides of the fence. Quan...

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Maudie 2016


The romantic drama Maudie is based on the biography of an outstanding Canadian painter Maud Lewis, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, which, against expectations, did not her creativity limited. The events of biographical drama Maudie by Aisling Walsh take place in 1937 in Nova Scotia. A woman...

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A Family Man 2016

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Movie A Family Man is an American-Canadian drama film starring Gerard Butler. The main character of the movie Dane Jensen is already at the top of his career. Because his boss announced a retirement and his leadership chair is going to pass either to Dane or to his eternal rival - the successful...

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Dean 2016

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Dean is a comedy movie by the US stand-up comedian Demetri Martin about the grief from the loss of a loved one, family values and healing by love. The film's protagonist is an ordinary illustrator from New York named Dean. However, suddenly a pile of problems dumped on him. His mother died. He can...

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