The list of films 2015 can be found in the category of 2015. Best movies of this year are presented as adaptations of computer games and your favorite comics. Modern technologies allow to make these films so, what they could not be realized 10-20 years ago, and the 3D format allows even deeper into the happening on the screen. This fact makes them even more interesting and exciting. In addition, all the best and brightest films of this year are gathered here to viewers of all ages and generations could see them at a convenient time for them. You can see the list of the select films below, which demonstrates the expectations of the audience. Download best movies 2015 free and at high speed!

The Devil’s Candy 2015


Sean Byrne masterful plays genres and does not allow the viewer to understand for sure until the very end what kind of film he looks. That is to say, The Devil's Candy is a slasher, thriller in the style of "invasion", the story of a maniac or a satanic experience of demonic possession. Decoupling...

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About Ray 2015


About Ray is a comedy drama by Gaby Dellal about the education of teenagers. This film will help parents to understand the important issues about children growing up. The main character is a girl-teenager named Ray. She grew up in a relatively normal family. The parents were not able to get along...

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Man Down 2015

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Man Down is a drama thriller. The events take place in a post-apocalyptic America, where more than half of humanity wiped out by unknown catastrophe, and the second half is desperately fight for resources and the place under the sun. The main character of the film Man Down is Gabriel Drummer. This...

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The Lure 2015

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The Lure is a comedy horror drama by Agnieszka Smoczynska, which won at Fantasporo Film Festival 2016. Warsaw 1980. The era of disco is gaining momentum in Europe. Dance floors are full of young people who are ready to spend every night in the heat of the fun and perverse entertainment. However...

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Land of Mine 2015

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Events of historical drama Land of Mine take place in Denmark in 1945. The main character of the film Land of Mine is Danish army sergeant Carl Rasmussen. He is incredibly happy to win the Second World War. He hates the whole soul of the Nazi invaders and takes out his anger on the prisoner...

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Coming Through the Rye 2015


The director and screenwriter James Sedvidzh his The drama Coming Through the Rye by James Steven Sadwith tells the autobiographical story about his own attempt to reach out Salinger. He, as a young man, went on a pilgrimage to him. 16 years old Jamie Schwartz can not tolerate wicked jokes and...

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I Am Michael 2015

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Biographical drama I Am Michael is a true story of Michael Glatze, gay, journalist, political activist, a Christian pastor. He has come a long way of self-identification and the search of his own "I", which ended in the Christian church of Wyoming. Michael Glatze was openly gay, was involved in...

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Blinky Bill: The Movie 2015

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The main character of adventure full-length animated film Blinky Bill the Movie is a cute koala. Blinky Bill is the most famous Australian children's classic, comparable to Pinocchio in popularity. The full-length cartoon about Blinky Bill first released on the big screen in 1992. Modern computer...

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The Blackcoat’s Daughter 2015

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The Blackcoat's Daughter is a new psychological horror thriller by Oz Perkins. Boarding school for girls closes for winter vacation. However, in February will be the most intense month of the year for this institution, because terrible things will happen here during the holidays. Not all students...

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The People vs. Fritz Bauer 2015


Drama The People vs. Fritz Bauer is a biography film about the life of a lawyer Fritz Bauer. He was Attorney General in post-war Germany. Bauer has experienced several months of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Therefore, he did everything possible to punish all the Nazi criminals after the...

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