You can find and download all the most popular films of 2014 here. 2014 year was rich in events in the world of cinema. Such blockbusters as, Divergent, Need for Speed, 300: Rise of An Empire, Transformers 4, Tarzan 3D, Neighbors, and many others were released.
You can free download top movies of the 2014 year without registration and in the best quality in the category 2014!

Dig Two Graves 2014


Dig Two Graves is the debut film by Hunter Adams, which is a combination of several genres: it's a fantasy, and detective and thriller. The film received its name based on the ancient Chinese proverb "When you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves!" The main character of the film is a...

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Mune: Guardian of the Moon 2014

1080p (MKV) BluRay BDRip

Events of animation fantasy Mune: Guardian of the Moon take place in the wizarding world, where day and night do not come themselves. Here special Guardians are appointed to move the Sun and Moon. The residents regularly chooses the best of the best, who will be the Guardians of the Moon and Sun...

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The Beat Beneath My Feet 2014


Tom, a teenage loner from the film The Beat Beneath My Feet, dreams of becoming a rock star. However, God-fearing single mother Mary interferes his impulses. Once bearded, tattooed frightening kind of stranger settled in the apartment below who plays loud rock music. Suddenly, a teenager discovers...

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Big Stone Gap 2014

720p (MKV) HDRip

Romantic comedy Big Stone Gap follows the story of an old maid Ave Maria and one piece of news that becomes the turning-point of her life. She lives in a tiny town, works as the pharmacist and she proclaims to be spinster by herself. Ave Maria decides to be useful for her town, besides she has a...

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John Wick 2014

1080p (MKV) BluRay BRRip

Crime thriller John Wick tells the story about the best killer of the mysterious Killers League. Faced with the love of his life, John Wick retires to live a quiet family life. However, beloved wife died after a long and serious illness. She gave John a puppy before her death that a former killer...

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Amnesiac 2014

1080p (MP4) BRRip

Horror mystery film Amnesiac describes the story of the man who lost his memory after car accident. Once the man wake up in the bed, understanding that he remembers nothing. The woman that comes in tells that she is his wife and he is at home. She tells that she is the one who can take care of...

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Paddington 2014

1080p (MKV) BluRay 720p (MP4) BluRay

Family comedy movie Paddington is an adaptation of the book Paddington Bear by English writer Michael Bond, which is considered a classic of English literature. Moreover, even there is a monument to this bear in London, mounted on one of the railway stations of the city. Bear Paddington was born...

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Run the Tide 2014

1080p (MKV) Web-DL HDRip

Run the Tide is a drama about the love of family and love of the sport. Surfing is the sport of rulers. Not everyone can cope the huge waves near the coast of California. They are called Mavericks, they reach 25 meters in height. The protagonist of the film Run the Tide is a young guy named...

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2014

1080p (MKV) BRRip 3D 4K BRRip MKV)

Sci-fi adventure film Guardians of the Galaxy is the tenth anniversary Marvel Universe movie, which was one of the most successful. This is the history of the Marvel hero Star-Lord. A little boy Peter Quill was kidnapped right at the deathbed of his mother by a gang of robbers-aliens. They brought...

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Glassland 2014

1080p (MP4) 720p (MP4)

The film Glassland describes the tragic events that occurred in a small but very beautiful country Ireland. The people of Ireland have a very peaceful nature. They love their country very much and they are amazingly friendly. Here, people have not forgotten about the sanctity and family values...

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Hockney 2014

720p (MP4) DVDRip (MKV)

The film Hockney is based on exclusive materials about the outstanding personality David Hockney. His painting brought him the success. He began painting in 1960, when, he moved from a rainy UK to sunny Los Angeles. Today Hockney actively experiments with new technologies and creates a work on...

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